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Vink's Cyrus IMAP Story.

This Story is too long for a single page. You can read here details on how to migrate a Cyrus+QMail+Procmail(+SPAMAssassin) 32bit to Cyrus+PostFix+Procmail(+SPAMassassin) 64bit.

Vink's EPIA Story.

Silverstone LC09 Silver

I've sold on ricardo.ch my old mini-tx case for about 100€.
Why sell such good-looking case? Because I never could close it.
The Silverstone LC09-S case has only very little air vent. Thus, It was not built for processors faster than 1ghz. The mainboard becomes too hot and was working bad (no more sound on my old EPIA SP 13000).
Until beginning of September, I was using my EPIA EN15000G on it.

I hope the new case owner will enjoy this case.

I've bought a Silverstone LC19 for my EPIA EN15000G. Bigger, more holes and possibility to put a ventilator.
This is my new HTPC to be used like a Linux Video Recorder, with my old EPIA EN 15000G.

Silverstone LC19 Silver

Via EPIA SP13000

My old EPIA motherboard. I've used the EPIA SP13000 during one year as TV and workstation.
MPEG decoding was really fine with this MB, but I got more and more ofter sound issues with it. Thus I had to change it.
I should try to sell it on ricardo.ch, because it works fine for soundless applications.

My last EPIA motherboard. I buy the EPIA EN15000G soon after it went out. It tooks time to get everything working. I've great performance with it to watch xvid movie:
mplayer has less than 5% of CPU usage in best situations, but, watching HDTV encoded movie take too much CPU.
Now, I've installed mythtv on it, because I only use it has an HTPC board.

Okay, let's install linux on this board...

Via EPIA EN15000G

Asus AT3N7A-I

I left EPIA world for ION on December 2009. I buy the Asus AT3N7A-I to have a PCI slot available for my DVB-T card.
This motherboard has no more IDE connector, so, I had to buy a new S-ATA slim-DVD drive (Samsung SN-S083C/BEBE).
It tooks me few time to get the system working. I've great performance with it to watch HDTV/H.264 movies.
My setup is based on Ubuntu karmic 9.10 (mythbuntu).

Okay, let's install ubuntu on this board...

I decided to buy a Pinnacle 310i because it supports DVB-T and analog TV. Now, I only use DVB-T feature on mythtv.
As usual, buying new model is for linux geeks: You will need the newest driver of even hack your driver to get your card working on linux. Now, it is supported on Vanilla kernel 2.6.20.
Analog tuner is not the best feature of this card, so forget this card if you have a poor analog signal.

In 2009, this card is well supported by most kernel. But, a regression was introduced on kernel 2.6.31. You can download this patch to revert these changes.
In 2010, the patch was included in Linux kernel git diff
In 2011, I switched to Ubuntu Natty. A regression was indroduced: remote control stopped working. You can download saa7134-input-i2c-2.6.38.patch to solve this issue.
In 2012, I tried Ubuntu Oneiric. I had issue (related to Nvidia driver? Related to saa7134 driver?) when watching full-hd content (lot's of artifact). I decided to rollback to Natty for now.

Pinnacle 310i