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Vink's ION Story: Linux install

The story started at the beginning of December 2009
Before using this board, I was using an old version of Ubuntu. I had a lot of problems at the end of the migration to Ubuntu 9.10... So I decided to re-install Ubuntu 9.10 from beginning.
This time, everything was fine.
So I switched to mythbuntu (details will be available soon).

The ION replacement

A week before Christmas 2009, I received my new ION motherboard...
I was really suprised that this board was well supported by Ubuntu 9.10, expect few things:

  • Fan Noise: I exchange the CPU fan with a Mini Kaze Fan. Now, this board is more silent!
  • Temperature: Due to the fan exchange, I had to monitor the CPU temperature. I had to patch the Ubuntu kernel to beable to do this. The CPU temperature stay below 60 under heavy load. Great!
  • Bluetooth: The bluetooth chip support is not included on kernel 2.6.31. I've found an intersting thread to solve this problem on the Ubuntu forum. I can give you the patch, but, please read the forum to find how to extract the firmware.
  • DVB-T Card: My Pinnacle 310i seems to have trouble watching/recording movies... After a lot of investigation, this was due to a regression introduced in kernel 2.6.31. I've writen a patch, but it breaks other cards. Then, Alexey Osipov sent me a betterpatch to remove the regressions on this kernel.

So, if you are unable to compile a linux kernel, I can share with you my kernel image, which contains all mentionned patches:

Kernel for core 2/atom processorKernel for generic i386 processor

If your board is core2 based (like Atom 330 processor), you may choose kernel from first column. If you are unsure, you may choose kernel from second column (any 32bit i386 processor).
I've signed the MD5 hash of these packages has a proof of my trust. But, you should remember it is unsafe to trust package from "unknown source", because it's not a good security practice.

1024-bit DSA key, ID 0767DF15, created 2006-11-29

Hash: SHA1

c6b4df5f082161c09bf498e7284c70f3  linux-doc_2.6.31-17.54_all.deb
77ce00a7af9b0fceedad549a9c121761  linux-headers-2.6.31-17_2.6.31-17.54_all.deb
930a77446cb07610e1bf184e98029137  linux-headers-2.6.31-17-core2_2.6.31-17.54_i386.deb
aa61a10872a237eeacedbf5c015edc87  linux-headers-2.6.31-17-generic_2.6.31-17.54_i386.deb
634b34053b5ff49e85f5eb8e5f865918  linux-image-2.6.31-17-core2_2.6.31-17.54_i386.deb
547b421e59ce1d4cace54036b15b215d  linux-image-2.6.31-17-generic_2.6.31-17.54_i386.deb
93aa9c5773bcc07f680645fc83e65db2  linux-source-2.6.31_2.6.31-17.54_all.deb
67ce76ad381766ca33ce63b80a735f5f  Ubuntu-2.6.31-17.54.diff
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